Baby Steps
never will your baby (and your life!) change as dramatically as in their first year. the baby steps package captures each of these stages that you will never want to forget.
for a one-off payment of only $220, you simply select 3 pinnacle times for the baby steps portrait package:
8 months pregnant
newborn (6-15 days old)
3 months
9 months
1st birthday
the entire package includes:
  • 3 photo sessions (2-3 hours each)
  • photographer’s dreams, imagination and inspiration
  • 3 8x12” print (one from each session)
  • 100% love it or reshoot it guarantee
  • facebook digital file from each session
  • a framed baby steps collection at the end to commemorate your amazing year
a year’s worth of photos with a total value $1000,
for only $220!
the baby steps package makes an invaluable and unforgettable gift for a baby shower!
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